Nicole Hopkins-Martin, Independent Contractor with The Curated Travel Collection, and Ears of Experience, LLC.

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Walt Disney World® has been my home away from home for over 30 years, and I'm so excited to put my Disney knowledge to work for you! Many people think Disney® is just the theme parks in Orlando, but a Disney® trip can take you all over the world. Would you love to see Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Europe? Disney® can take you to all of these destinations plus many many more! I would love to help you plan your dream Disney® vacation!

Looking for a vacation outside of the Disney brand? I also offer curated vacations! Whether it's an All-inclusive Caribbean getaway, a Hawaiian Honeymoon, a self-drive tour of Ireland, or a land tour of Alaska, I'm able to put my travel knowledge, numerous travel suppliers, and expertise to work to make you a customized hassle-free vacation. Contact me today and lets start planning!

As a concierge travel service for all Disney® Destinations and the Curated Collection, I make sure that each client enjoys a stress-free, personalized vacation. Let me put my years of travel experience to work for you and your family to make memories that will last a lifetime!

My love for Disney® started over thirty years ago. One of my first Disney® memories is celebrating my third birthday with my family at the Polynesian Resort®. I could see Cinderella’s castle from our room every night before bed. It’s been my happy place, and my home away from home ever since. After that first trip my family spent time there pretty much every year until I went away to college.

My fondest childhood memories involve Disney®, and the quality family time my mom, dad, brother, and I spent together. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend many important events at Disney®. My husband proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s castle, and we were married at the Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian. I also chose Disney as the place to celebrate my 30th birthday. Eating and drinking my way around the world at Epcot® was definitely a birthday experience I’ll never forget. Our son was 3 months old when he had his first trip to Walt Disney World®, and I love getting to experience the Disney® magic with him as he grows.

Nicole Hopkins-Martin



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